I look around..

I look around myself.. and all I can see are products surrounding me which were made with oil, or derive from oil, or for which oil was used during their manufacturing.

My laptop, I’m writing on right now, my smartphone, my tablet, the remote control of my plasma tv, the Tv set itself, the low-emission led light on my desk, even the French windows in front of me, made of PVC… the radio and the car keys  on the shelf, the picture frames on the wall.. the floor-standing Ikea lamp behind me…. the low-cost  loudspeakers attached to my iPod..

And then, looking around a bit more, I can see the coffee machine and all the other kitchen appliances in that room…. Plus so many, soo many other every-day tools that we all have and all use without even paying attention to them…

..what will we all do once the oil is over?

Will my next laptop be made of wood?  Like in a Flinstones’ cartoon?

Will we still have computers in 20-30 years and all the other plastic-based tools, once the oil is totally gone?


About Post-Oil Society

-- Italian Architect and Engineer, Masters in Economics & Management. Interested in Transition related topics, Renewable Energies, Electric Vehicles, and everything resulting in a world without oil. -- -- Architetto, Master in Economia e Management, interessato alla Transizione e alle tematiche del mondo post-petrolio. -- View all posts by Post-Oil Society

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