Difficult times are ahead of us..

It’s difficult.. to accept, to get ready…

At moments, one may think to be open-minded enough, and to be mentally ready for big changes.. but then, sad thoughts and fears appear.

It’s not easy to leave a well known, “easy” and rich lifestyle for the Unknown… and for very uncertain economical and socio-political times.

I wish I knew how our society will have become in 20 or 30 years… I have no idea, and this frightens me, a lot.

What I know is that  a Change is inevitable. Oil is very rapidly ending. We have reserves for 10 years, maybe 15. Then it will be over. Full stop. No discussions about this.

So we can only try to get ready by time, do our things, move, get a smaller house, change life habits, down shift, “degrow”…

Nothing else is possible.


About Post-Oil Society

-- Italian Architect and Engineer, Masters in Economics & Management. Interested in Transition related topics, Renewable Energies, Electric Vehicles, and everything resulting in a world without oil. -- -- Architetto, Master in Economia e Management, interessato alla Transizione e alle tematiche del mondo post-petrolio. -- View all posts by Post-Oil Society

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