Damn scooters !!

There are scooters passing by in the street all day long, and often during the night as well,  making an unbelievable  noise.

One good thing that the end of oil era will bring is…. that these scooters will stop making noise !!!

Maybe youngsters  will convert them to electric and will continue to go round the city.  But at least, with an electric motor, they will do it  … quietly !!!


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-- Italian Architect and Engineer, Masters in Economics & Management. Interested in Transition related topics, Renewable Energies, Electric Vehicles, and everything resulting in a world without oil. -- -- Architetto, Master in Economia e Management, interessato alla Transizione e alle tematiche del mondo post-petrolio. -- View all posts by Post-Oil Society

3 responses to “Damn scooters !!

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