The Post-oil World is approaching, and fast…

We’re getting close..

the signs now clearly indicate the direction the Planet is going towads..

global economic crisis, end of cheap oil, widespread bankruptcy, insolvent Nations, General economic and social collapse…

Everything indicates that the “end” of the World as we’ve known it for the last 200 years, is coming.. and fast.

We must get ready, cause the sooner we prepare, the softer and less burdensome the fall will be..


About Post-Oil Society

-- Italian Architect and Engineer, Masters in Economics & Management. Interested in Transition related topics, Renewable Energies, Electric Vehicles, and everything resulting in a world without oil. -- -- Architetto, Master in Economia e Management, interessato alla Transizione e alle tematiche del mondo post-petrolio. -- View all posts by Post-Oil Society

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