About this blog…

This blog, or website (call it as you want) will be written in two languages, Italian and English.
I am an Italian architect. Then, I have also acquired  at Masters level, expertise in economics, business management and finance.
I am interested in particular to concepts such as  Transition, renewable energies, electric transportation (bikes, cars, public transport) and everything resulting in a world without  oil.
For better or for worse, oil is running out.  It’s a certainty.  Scientific data, drills, searches for new sources confirm it.  We have already burnt more than half of the oil easily extractable from the Earth, and what remains, at current growth rates, will be over within the next 10 years.
We have 10 years to prepare for what will be a world without oil.
The problem is that this “black gold” is not just being used in our cars, but also used to heat our homes, to make medicines,  to get fresh food every day on our tables..
The world around us, the world we have lived in for almost 200 years, has been totally built and shaped around the concept of cheap, inexpensive oil. In the coming years, this postulate (its low cost of extraction) will be over and so, for example,   filling up our cars will require 200, 300 euros .. And this price will rise more and more.
To take just three examples, soon:  1) gas price will become absolutely prohibitive, 2) being able to find fresh food, just delivered at the supermarket, will become very difficult 3) finding medicines in a pharmacy will be more and more difficult. At that point, if we do not get prepared by time, it will be total chaos.
For this you need to know, and  get ready … ’cause the end of the world as we have always known, is close.
To those who are not convinced of this, I ask: did you see the trend of gasoline prices in the last 10 years? Do you think oil companies continue to rise it just to earn more money? No.  Gasoline (as well as diesel, LPG) prices continue to rise because in the world there is less and less available oil.  Extraction and production can no longer keep up with demand and, as anyone who studied basic economics knows, when demand exceeds supply, the price of the requested good increases, more and more.
China and India, to continue in their growth, are consuming more and more energy, oil, coal, copper, in amounts never seen before. (The GDP of China in recent years has never been lower than 10%!).  An exponential growth in demand  clashes with a constant offer… and no more oil wells are being discovered … because there are no  more left, to discover.  We have already used and emptied them all.
So, let’s prepare. A world without oil, though not easy, is still possible.


About Post-Oil Society

-- Italian Architect and Engineer, Masters in Economics & Management. Interested in Transition related topics, Renewable Energies, Electric Vehicles, and everything resulting in a world without oil. -- -- Architetto, Master in Economia e Management, interessato alla Transizione e alle tematiche del mondo post-petrolio. -- View all posts by Post-Oil Society

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